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“The Fightinest Marine I Ever Knew”

The United States Highest award for “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty” is the Congressional Medal of Honor. In over 150 years only 19 men have won it twice. One of the most legendary two time recipients is Marine Corps Sergeant Major Dan Daly. […]

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Red Cloud – A True Hero

North Korean troops crossed the 38th Parallel in June 1950. President Harry S Truman ordered the 24th Infantry Division to head to Korea. Among the soldiers of the 24th was Mitchell Red Cloud, a Native American Ho-Chunk (Winnebago Tribe). A Marine veteran of WW II, he was one of Carlson’s Raiders at Guadalcanal, and took […]

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The Patriot Marksman

British Colonel George Hanger fought the American Continental Army in the Revolutionary War. He later said he had never seen better rifles than those made in America, nor men who could shoot better. The British troops used the Brown Bess rifle, which could hit a man at 80 to 100 yards. It was unusual for […]

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Men need cool and aggressive leadership when under fire. Captain Roger Donlon displayed just that on July 5, 1964. At 2:26 AM a barrage of mortar shells rained on his Special Forces Detachment camp. He had just written to his wife, “All hell is going to break loose here before the night is over.” He […]

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“Brothers, I am a Warrior.”

George Washington wrote these words during the American Revolutionary War. As a young man he had served with the British militia and saw that the British lacked understanding of Colonial warfare. Most of all they were unwilling to listen to good advice.  But this knowledge would serve him very well decades later. General Washington was […]

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Dogfighter of the Pacific: “Buck” Dugan

The man on the 1945 magazine cover above is Fred “Buck” Dungan.  In June of 1944 “Buck” Dungan and his wingman “Scoop” came out of the clouds over Guam, the only American aircraft on the scene. He saw 40 enemy aircraft,  20 bombers and 20 torpedo planes – preparing to land at Japanese-held Orote Field. […]

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“It took a lot of punishment.”

Captain Bill Cooper was an American World War II fighter.  He flew 70 missions, including during D-Day, Battle of the Bulge and the invasion of Holland. One of is planes was the P-47 Thunderbolt, of which he said, “It took a lot of punishment.” Shot down three times, he always managed to get back to […]

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“After you come, take.”

2500 years ago Spartan King Leonidas and his men stood against an invading Persian army under King Xerxes.  Xerxes sent a message to Leonidas, requesting that he surrender and “Deliver up your arms.” The famous reply was “Molon Labe,” literally translated as “After you come, take.”  Sparta was in a region of Greece known as […]

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