A Medal of Honor For A Vietnam Vet

Today James C. McCloughan, receives America’s highest military honor. President Donald Trump has the special privilege of presenting the 71 year old Vietnam veteran with the Medal of Honor at the White House.

McCloughan reported to Army basic training in Kentucky in September 1968. On his last day of training the 23 year old private first class got his orders and was shipped off to Vietnam. He served as a combat medic for the next year, until March 1970.

Armed Forces members who distinguish themselves by going above and beyond the call of duty in battle earn the Medal of Honor. McCloughan certainly did just that. Here’s what happened on  probably two of the worst days of his life:

It was during the Battle of Hui Yon Hill in 1969, that this young medic repeatedly entered the “kill zone” to rescue his wounded buddies. He risked his life nine times, while being pelted with shrapnel. Wounded and covered in blood, he ignored a captain’s suggestion to leave the battlefield to get medical attention. He stayed until the battle was over, tending to the men and fighting the enemy.

The Pentagon credits McCloughan with saving the lives of 10 men in his company.

McCloughan has also received other Army awards, decorations, and citations for his military service, including the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, and many others.  He has also been an an accomplished outstanding private citizen in his community.

Thank you for your service James McCloughan, Medal of Honor recipient!